Hectic Life, Hectic Wife

hectic mom

Oh! My! God! I haven’t written a blog entry in over two weeks! I’m having problems with a venue for the family reunion! These allergies keep attacking the kids! I have to make more hair products for me and baby girl! Where are my marketing materials so I can start going to these doctors offices? What clothes will I make for that event August 9? Did I take something out for dinner? Ahhhhhh!!! Enter the sound of my head exploding from too much pressure of an ever-increasing to-do list constantly being auto-played in my mind, with bits and pieces of it making it onto scratch lists to be completed or not, that will later be lost in a pile of mail somewhere. Welcome to life as a stay-at-home mother, wife (of sorts), multi-business (albeit a couple are new) entrepreneur, writer and student of life (since I’m typically always learning something) to name a few of the big hitters that come to mind, and it is CRAZY.

Much like the lady in the picture, I find myself juggling a thousand tasks, while still trying to find a few moments here and there for myself. And the truth is, it’s difficult, sometimes seemingly impossible. Sometimes things don’t get done. Everything is not going to be perfect. That has been the toughest pill for a recovering perfectionist to swallow. I am my own worst critic. I rarely compliment myself and if I do, it’s followed by what I’ll do better the next time. Previously, I would have given myself hell for missing my self-produced requirement of at least 2 blog entries per week and would have felt like I was already failing at something I was just beginning, leading to a cycle of negative emotions that would have spilled over into other aspects of my life. Instead, as a recovering perfectionist, I forgive, forget, and say I’ll do better next time without any guilt, realizing I can only do what I can each and every day, and sometimes that I may fall short of my expectations (which tend to be super-high anyway from what I hear) or someone else’s but as long as I’m content with my progress, then that’s all that matters.

As a part of my ‘student of life’ studies, I’ve been reading a lot about energies and how they can affect our moods and how we carry energy around and the affect it has on us. One of the key connecting elements in the articles is the necessity of being mindful of your own energy, and that awareness alone has allowed me control my own emotions and actions better. I used to always be schedule-oriented to the point of not enjoying the moment because I had to make sure everything was on track, always carrying with me a rushed energy, causing unnecessary stress. And while I still watch the clock, because I value my time tremendously, I no longer feel like it’s the end of the world, if one of the kids throws me off my nicely thought out plans, and am beginning to appreciate the gift of every minute.


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